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Abaqus is a general purpose finite element software package.

The ABAQUS suite consists of three core products - ABAQUS/Standard, ABAQUS/Explicit and ABAQUS/CAE. Each of these packages offers additional optional modules that address specialized capabilities some customers may need.

ABAQUS/Standard®, provides ABAQUS analysis technology to solve traditional implicit finite element analyses, such as static, dynamics, thermal, all powered with the widest range of contact and nonlinear material options. ABAQUS/Standard also has optional add-on and interface products with address design sensitivity analysis, offshore engineering, and integration with third party software, e.g., plastic injection molding analysis.

ABAQUS/Explicit®, provides ABAQUS analysis technology focused on transient dynamics and quasi-static analyses using an explicit approach appropriate in many applications such as drop test, crushing and many manufacturing processes.

ABAQUS/CAE®, provides a complete modeling and visualization environment for ABAQUS analysis products. With direct access to CAD models, advanced meshing and visualization, and with an exclusive view towards ABAQUS analysis products, ABAQUS/CAE is the modeling environment of choice for many ABAQUS users.

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